Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans. We are told it holds over 280 species of birds and is included in the IBA and RAMSAR lists. The lake is beautiful – breathtaking in its sheer size. Actually, the whole Lake Skadar National Park has plenty to enthral you.

The area has a rich history and culture. Numerous archaeological sites, monasteries and churches, fortifications, AND is where the very good Montenegrin wine is made!

Back to the Lake. For a very reasonable fee, you can take a boat around the lake. We like to be dropped off at the little beach for a few hours before they return to pick you up. To keep the cost down you can go with other tourists. We like the calmness and quietness of being on our own as we experience this amazing lake, and all that it offers.

Skadar Valley is surrounded by mountains, with Albania to the south. Only two-thirds of Skadar Lake is in Montenegro and the rest is in Albania.

It’s very accessible to get, only  7 km far from the Adriatic Sea. We have apartments in Sveti Stefan and the drive from there is not only very easy but also spectacular. We often visit the lake on our way to Podgorica – only good for the shops, such as Zara, Monsoon and lots more! You also go through Podgorica on your way up to Kolasin (if you’re travelling from the south of Montenegro), which is worth a visit in the winter months for skiing and in the summer months for the breathtaking alpine views.