Crystal clear water at Zanjic Beach

Visit Zanjic beach, Lustica Peninsula, a small bay that sits next to Mirista – both a 3 minute drive from Lustica House. The water in the bay is a crystal clear azure blue, so make sure you take your mask and snorkel. The beach is not sandy, quite large pebbles so beach shoes are also very handy. There are a few restaurants and bars on the beach, but our favourite is Porto Adriatic. They serve fresh fish, as well as pizzas, pasta and steak, but almost all of their produce is made there or nearby – very little carbon footprint here! Alex is the head waiter, and is always up for a chat! Even the local butterflies are friendly (see one of the pics).

Our stylishly renovated home commands uninterrupted and spectacular views of the Adriatic. With its own pool, the house comfortably sleeps eight, and each room has a terrace overlooking the stunning coastline. All the furnishings have been carefully chosen. There are 3 bathrooms, air conditioning, wifi and a well-equipped living room, dining room and kitchen – superb.

So, if you’re looking for a getaway that offers peace and tranquillity with a bit of style, look no further.